by Stories in Braille

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released June 26, 2010

Words and Music by Stories in Braille
Produced by Jala Tass & Jay Kim
Engineered by Masaki Liu @ One Way Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Masaki Liu
Art Direction by Jessi Enguerra @



all rights reserved


Stories in Braille California

We tell stories through song. We hope you enjoy them. Cheers.

"There is a wonder in braille that the sighted will never touch words and have them touch you back."
- Jim Fiebig

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Track Name: Flooded
Can you hear the sound of love rushing us?
Hear the sound of love flooding us?
Hear the sound of love's covering?
Hear it loud

This is you

Can you hear the sound of love crashing in?
Hear the sound of love breaking in?
Hear the sound of love resonate?
Hear it now

This is you
Love is you

And the whole world sings along
'Cause the whole world feels the flood

Can you hear the flood crashing in?
Hear the flood breaking in?
Hear the flood resonate?
Hear it now

Can you feel the flood?
Do you feel the rush?
Can you feel the love?
Feel it now?
Track Name: Frailty's Anthem
We stand and we fall
We gain but lose it all
We love and we laugh
We loathe this bleeding path

We fear as we fail
And the brightness becomes stale
We scrape and we claw
Searching for that sense of awe

Then it comes like the sun
Blinding us so well
Atrophy finds defeat
Is there someone we can tell?

Rushing in, out of breath
We are caught up in its swell
Letting go, let it in
We're no longer frail

Set our feet, close our eyes
Life begins anew
Forward now, recklessly
We are standing now with You
Track Name: Skies and Seas (Glimpses)
Skies and seas collide
And bring to life the sleeping
Old and new awake
The earth will shake from weeping
Bid farewell to death
And hold what's left
And come alive
Track Name: Bravery
Thirty-six years on the sea
The only place where he believes
He can taste the salt each time he breathes

Fearful of approaching the shore
The ocean is his favorite floor
Here's where the rich are the poor

Take heart my weary friend
Soon we'll meet again
On seas we've never sailed
So loose your grip on me
Your coat is bravery
Don't worry, we've not failed

So rest your tired hands
And still your broken feet
Put on your bravery
Put on your bravery
Track Name: Kings Across the River
Friends and foes
Lay down your arms
Let's fill these skies
With light and hope
Friends and foes
Brace yourselves
The darkness comes
It comes now

Burn the day and greet the night
Damn the weak and crush the light
Burn it all and the world will see
Peace is but a broken dream

Friends and foes
Take up your arms
Let's fill these skies
With swords of hope
Friends and foes
Brace yourselves
The darkness comes
It comes now

Burn the day and greet the night
Damn the weak and crush the light
We're fading
We're fading

Though darkness comes
The light has won
Let's fill these skies with singing
Watch darkness fade
The light will reign
Peace has come
The light has won
Track Name: When Empires Fall
Did you build this in a day
All your riches in array
Kings of earth and rulers all
We die beneath the fall

Do your empires love you back
Soak the earth with honest tears
Slaves and sinners, we are free
We all die beneath the tree

We bruise and bleed the same
The strong, the weak, the well, the lame
Our piles of gold and earth
Will fade away to dust and dirt
We crush the feeding trough
We consume beyond enough
But when these empires fall
Only love will be standing tall

Will the earth remember you
When your storehouses are bare
All we keep is all we lose
Only fools will die with spare
Track Name: The Afterword
Close your eyes, take this hand
Breathe deep and trust again
We'll be just fine
Love still fights for you and me
Through these dark nights
Put down these swords
Let's love some more
And find our rest on peaceful shores

This burning sears my soul
It takes control and I am nothing still
This yearning toils in me
And I am weak, so I am standing still
So as not to fall
I can see the dawn breaking bright against the veil
Restoration's on his way
And on that day all is well

Sleep well, sweet love
Rest your eyes and dream away
Let's dance again
Opposite of our mistakes

Take my hand, I am here now
We can walk this road again
Take my hand, I am here now
We can walk this road again
Take my hand, you are mine now
We can walk this road again
Take my hand, I am yours now
We can walk this road again
Track Name: What We Write
Well I think we'll be ok
Yeah I know the climb is steep
Steady now, don't be afraid
Love the road, forget the peak

Stories new and stories old
What we live is what we write
What we tell, what we've been told
Dreams can live or they can die

Though it's dark here down below
See the skies are brighter now
Settle in and take it slow
We'll make it through somehow

Feel the wind against your skin
Telling tales of progress made
Rest your lungs and breathe it in
Fear is crushed beneath the brave